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Clean Space 2017.00
Nobody can find out what you did on your PC! New, easy and complete professional tool to clear history of visited web sites, clear index.dat files, delete cookies, cache, temp internet files, search history and all other tracks. Don't allow your PC to spy on you and record every move you do! By using this tool you will protect your secrets.
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Prevent Recovery 7.00
This program will make already deleted files and folders unrecoverable. It includes several security algorithms to make anti-recovery process the most secure and effective. Easy interface (as wizard) allows you in a few steps select disks and start anti-recovery procedures.
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Secure File Deleter 2017
This free tool will permanently wipe the contents of deleted files so that nobody would be able to recover them even using special tools. The contents of deleted files will be overwritten using random data; you can choose many security algorithms for data destruction. The program can write a combination of ones and zeroes or any characters onto any sector of your hard drive.
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Hidden Disk 2017
Within few seconds you can create additional disk for your secret folders and files, and within few seconds you can hide this disk entirely. To open the disk again you will need to enter your password.
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